Power of Doge Coin: How Doge Coin Hit Market

The world of cryptocurrency has been a hot topic in 2018.Doge Coin Price, It’s a new and exciting way to make money, but it can also be daunting for those who are unfamiliar with the concept. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency, which means you can store it on your computer or phone.

Ever since Bitcoin became popular in 2009, many Cryptocurrency have been developed. One such currency is Doge Coin. The currency was created as a joke by Billy Markus from Portland, Oregon and Jackson Palmer from Sydney, Australia on December 6th 2013. Doge Coin became more of an internet phenomenon than anything else until it reached a market capitalisation of $2 billion USD in January 2018! That’s over two billion dollars worth of doge coins! Here’s why this meme-humor cryptocurrency had so much success.

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What is Doge Coin?

Doge Coin is a meme-humor cryptocurrency that was created in 2013 and became popular in early 2018.

Doge coins live on the internet and can be used to buy things online.

An example of Doge Coin’s success is its $2 billion USD market capitalisation in January 2018.


The rise of Doge Coin

Doge became a popular internet meme in 2013. The currency was created as a joke and the culture behind it has been kept alive by its followers. One of the reasons that Doge Coin had such success is because the creators of the currency did not put any restrictions on how many coins could be mined. Anyone can mine Doge coin, which means that anyone who wants to get their hands on some doge coins can do so at will.

In addition to this, there are no transaction fees for Doge Coin, meaning that you can send or receive money without having to pay a fee for it. This is a huge draw for people who want to use the currency for small purchases while still being able to move big amounts of money around quickly and easily.

The lack of restrictions and low fees have helped Doge Coin spread all over the world quickly and become one of the most popular digital currencies ever!


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How doge coin became so popular

In 2013, Billy Markus from Portland, Oregon and Jackson Palmer from Sydney, Australia created a new cryptocurrency called doge coin.

Doge coins became more of an internet phenomenon than anything else until it reached a market capitalization of $2 billion USD in January 2018! That’s over two billion dollars worth of doge coins!

Here’s why this meme-humor cryptocurrency had so much success:

Markus and Palmer wanted to make a joke currency that people could mine because Bitcoin mining was no longer viable for most people. They decided to make a coin based off the popular dog meme that was trending at the time.


The creators of doge coin made it easier to mine than Bitcoin by setting the reward for finding a block to be 10,000 DOGE instead of 25 BTC. The online community loved this concept because it allowed them to use their own computers and not specialized hardware designed for mining Bitcoin. People all around the world were able to mine doge coin with their laptops and desktops.

Since its creation in 2013, DogeCoin has become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in existence. It has seen its value skyrocket and is constantly ranked among the top ten cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap.


Why did doge coin become a success?

Doge coin was based on a meme, which became one of the most popular ones in recent years. A meme is an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture. They are often used to express ideas or concepts that can’t be easily expressed with words alone.

The doge meme has been around for almost 10 years now and recently resurfaced in 2013 with the introduction of Doge Coin. The creators of this internet phenomenon were trying to make a joke about how ridiculous the cryptocurrency industry had become.

Jackson Palmer said “It started off as nothing more than a joke to poke fun at cryptocurrencies” but it became so much more than just a joke. The company quickly gained popularity once people realized how easy it was to mine Doge Coin, which means you could earn money by using your computer power to help confirm transactions on the blockchain. Mining is when computers solve complicated math problems for other users who have requested them. And because there are billions of doges available to mine, many people were interested in this seemingly easy way to make money.

Another reason Doge Coin became so popular is because its low value made it accessible for people all over the world. If you wanted 100


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Why does doge coin have such a cult following?

The success of Doge Coin is largely due to the culture that has developed around it. The currency was made not for profit, but for fun. All doge coins are mined by volunteers over the internet, which means there’s no centralized power. It’s a cryptocurrency that lays outside of any one country or company.

Doge coin has become popular because it embodies the values of fun and generosity. The phrase “to the moon!” is used by its followers when referring to high prices or when something positive happens in reference to Doge Coin. This phrase is used in response to someone who has made a purchase using doge coins, or when they hear about an upcoming event concerning Doge Coin.

As an internet sensation, Doge Coin also has a large social media following with over 100 thousand subscribers on Twitter, 60 thousand on Tumblr and 150 thousand on Facebook. It’s become so popular in fact that it’s now featured on Google Trends next to Bitcoin!



Dogecoin is a Decentralised, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that was forked from Litecoin in

Doge coin
Dogecoin price prediction

December 2013. One of the most interesting things about Dogecoin is that it didn’t have an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) or pre-mine (allowing users to mine coins before the cryptocurrency is publicly released). This means that all 100 billion coins were created at the same time and given to the public.

Dogecoin has also been used in some really innovative and novel ways. For example, it has been used to send the Jamaican bobsled team to the Olympics, to raise money for clean water in Kenya, and to help provide service dogs for children with disabilities.

Dogecoin may offer a refreshing change of pace from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that are often associated with greed and get-rich-quick schemes.

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